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Odz ico majIn the premises of the local community Bogojevo, a meeting was held with the beneficiaries of the project "For Each Roma to Have a Home" where we discussed the deadlines for the construction of buildings, the plans for relocation and plans for further life. We presented photos to our beneficiaries of objects under construction and agreed on terms for a joint site tour. Thirty people from the New settlement and their neighbors from Bogojevo attended the meeting.

The meeting was attended by the director and professors of the School for Basic Elementary Education for Adults from Sombor who presented the opportunities for adult education offered by their school. The programs are adapted to the needs of the beneficiaries and it is possible to complete the elementary school in three years. Teaching takes place from October to May, in the afternoon, at the locations near the beneficiaries. In order to attract as many young women as possible in the class, the school also provides a pedagogue who, while continuing to work with children, helps them in their school tasks or organizes art workshops. The programs that the school conducts are especially important for the population of the New Settlement - out of 65 adults, 44 are completely illiterate, and 9 have only 4 grades of primary school. This is a very young, work capable population (average age of 30 years) for which education is of prime importance for future employment opportunities.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the "Association of Roma Students" from Novi Sad who is partnering with HELP in implementing the program of support to returnees from the countries of the European Union. The program is aimed at Roma and those of other national minorities who were on asylum after 2008., provides funds for the adaptation of the house to those households that has one, funds for income activities and self-employment, ie the purchase of machinery, tools and equipment for starting their own business. The program also covers the costs of vocational education and training, as well as the provision of books and teaching for school-age children. Beneficiaries had the opportunity to fill out application forms and ask questions on the spot. Among the beneficiaries of the New Settlement, one family has the status of returnees while many other families occasionally leave for Germany and other EU countries. The project's goal is to provide support and contribute to the prevention of further migration to EU countries.

The meeting was organised by Housing Center with an aim to encourage beneficiaries for active inclusion after relocation to new objects. With this, we want to contribute to creating new life opportunities for our project beneficiaries.

The Project “For Each Roma to Have a Home” is financed by the Europan Union, co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Municipality of Odžaci and is implmented by Housing Center in partnership with municipality of Odžaci.


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