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Salon2018icoLike previous years, Housing Center presented its work at this year's 40th Salon of Architecture. The expert jury of the Salon selected for the official competition of the Salon a Hausing Center project realized in 2017 - individual prefabricated buildings for social housing in Sabac. The Salon, which is held under the thematic title "Fields of Future" from March 29 to May 5, 2018, confirmed this year's exhibition as a place and event of articulation of opinions on architecture and architectural culture.

The authors of the architectural design of the presented facilities are architects Aleksandar Bajić and Predrag Finci, both members of Housing Center. In addition to the design of the architectural design, the author team followed all the details of the project documentation design, and then carried out expert supervision during the construction of the facilities.

In the process of planning and designing, through the workshops, users of facilities were involved also. . In this way, in accordance with the wishes of all the participants, the apartment is designed in the ground-free, freestanding prefabricated facilities built in the mid-density zone. The environment consists mostly of individual ground-level houses. Respecting the context of the environment, a micro urban neighborhood is projected, i.e a group of rationally designed and modernly shaped ground level buildings. The basic concept is in function of the quality of life of beneficiaries and the sustainability of good interpersonal relationships.

Residential buildings have one to three residential units. Each apartment unit has a separate entrance, a balcony and a garden with a terrace. A total of 16 housing units are intended to accommodate the most vulnerable families of refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees for readmission from the Varna Collective Center in Sabac. For households of elderly refugees and internally displaced persons who have been in collective accommodation for 20 years, it was a support for a new beginning.

The facilities were built within the project "Support to Improving the Living Conditions of Forced Migrants in Serbia and the Closure of Collective Centers" funded by the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia with the financial contribution of Housing Center. The goals of the project were to accelerate the social inclusion of persons located in the Varna collective center and the most vulnerable local population, and to help the closure of the collective center Varna in Sabac. The project was implemented by Housing Center in partnership with IDC and City of Sabac.

More about the exhibition on the website of the Museum of Applied Art

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