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01.9.2017 – Project “For Each Rom to Have a Home” Coordination Body Meeting

Odz 0917A meeting of the Coordination Body of the project "To Each Rom to Have a Home" was held in August 31 2017 in Odžaci municipality. The Coordination Body met in broader composition - besides the representatives of the municipality of Odzaci and Housing Center, the meeting was also attended by the secretaries of local communities of Bački Brestovac, Bački Gračac, Bogojevo, Deronje, Karavukovo and Lalić, as well as representatives of the Roma NGO Romsko srce from Ratkovo. The aim of the meeting was to introducing representatives of local communities , in which construction of facilities and infrastructure will be implemented, and representatives of NGOs with the details of the project and the scope of planned interventions in settlements.

The Project "Support to the Adequate and Sustainable Housing of Roma in the Municipality of Odzaci - For Each Rom to Have a Home” foresees:

  1. Construction of 34 housing units in inhabited places of Bogojevo, Karavukovo, Bački Brestovac, Bački Gračac and Lalić, in order to resettle the substandard New settlement in Bogojevo
  2. Construction of the missing infrastructure in the settlement Čerga in Deronje, 515 m of water supply system, ~250 m of public lighting and 431.53 m of the access road.

For the needs of the meeting, Housing Center has developed 3D models of planned housing facilities and neighborhoods. For each plot, representation of future objects was prepared, from which their impact on the quality of the environment can be seen. Although the representatives of the local communities have already been informed of the project, through the media presentations that the municipality has recently initiated, this meeting enabled the opening of details talks - the target group of beneficiaries, the type of facilities to be built, the criteria for selection of beneficiaries, other planned measures of support to beneficiaries, etc. Housing Center introduced the participants with the planned dynamics of project realization and current activities.

The representatives of the local communities welcomed the efforts of the municipality Odzaci to finally resolve the situation of inadequate housing of the Roma population in the substandard New settlement in Bogojevo that existed since 1965. They were familiar with the conditions of living in that settlement and that the electricity was brought only in 1981. They were interested in finding out more details on concrete plots on which housing buildings will be built and they suggested the holding of tribunes in local communities where they will be able to provide the residents with information directly. It was agreed that regular consultations with the direct beneficiaries of the project, and so with the citizens, will be organized continuously during the project implementation.

To remind, the substandard New settlement in Bogojevo is characterized by OSCE study "Assessment of the Situation in Informal Roma Settlements in Serbia" as the settlement that is unsuitable for living and its displacement was recommended. The settlement is located in the flood area of the watercourse, on the land intended for intensive agricultural production, beyond the scope of the General Regulation Plan of Bogojevo. The area of the settlement is characterized with a high level of spatial segregation and disturbance of natural, ambient, functional and urban features suitable for residential/housing areas. Residential buildings in the settlement are of low quality, without basic infrastructure and do not fulfill basic conditions for housing. As a direct consequence of segregation and inadequate living conditions, 66% of adult residents are illiterate and 13% have incomplete primary education, no one is employed and all families live with social care assistance. There are 34 roma families living with 106 inhabitants, 34 of them are minors.

The project is financed with the European Union funds, co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Municipality of Odžaci and implemented by Housing Center and Odžaci municipality in the period from June 7, 2017 to February 6, 2019. The value of the project is EUR 1.050.000

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