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Pursuant to article 37 of the Law on Citizens’ Associations, Housing Center is registered for performing profitable economic activities, as well. The complete profit acquired through these activities is to be invested in achieving the objectives of the organization.

The prevailing economic activity of Housing Center registered in the Registry of Economic Entities is registered under the code 74204 – other architectural and engineering activities and it is performed in compliance with the regulations that pertain to the field to which the activities belong.

Architectural and engineering services on the renovation of the Swiss Embassy building in Belgrade

Housing Center managed the renovation process on the building of Swiss Embassy which is located in Belgrade, on Slavija Square, at 4 Bulevar oslobodjenja. The area of the building is about 1.000 m2, it comprises the cellar, the ground floor and three upper floors and as a cultural and historical monument it is under protection of the Institute for Monuments of the City of Belgrade.
Architects and engineers of Housing Center rendered architectural and engineering services throughout the project implementation phases:
  • Preparation of the design documents;
  • Obtaining of the Building Permit;
  • Selecting of the Contractor;
  • Professional supervision during the implementation of the works.

The Swiss Embassy started with its work in the new renovated premises on 18 March 2011.     

The profit acquired through implementation of this service Housing Center invested in construction of the buildings for social housing in supportive environment in the municipalities of Vranje, Negotin and Kovin, as its financial participation to EU funds (funds IPA 2009, programme “Support to refugees and internally displaced persons in Serbia”).
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