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Social Housing in Supportive Environment (SHSE) is a programme that provides housing and social protection to the most vulnerable citizens of Serbia. The programme has been implemented since 2003, with financial support of international institutions. It was initiated with a joint effort of The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia, Commissariat for Refugees and donors. Housing Center is one of the creators of the concept of SHSE and has been constantly implementing and improving it since 2003.

Beneficiaries of SHSE projects are the most vulnerable categories of the population in Serbia – refugees, internally displaced persons, accommodated in collective centers or inadequate private accommodation, Rroma, persons with disabilities, persons suffering from a chronic disease and homeless people. The problem they all share is inability to solve, on their own and under the market conditions, their housing problem and without assistance and support of the community they cannot achieve successful social integration.

Social housing in supportive environment is one of the extended social welfare rights and it consists of two components:

  1. Construction of housing units, within the developed tissue, on good quality locations, in the vicinity of public facilities and traffic communications. Housing units are property of the local self-governments, intended exclusively for meeting the social and protective needs of the citizens and they cannot be bought off.
  2. Creation of a supportive environment for beneficiaries, which is provided by the Center for Social Work and the host families. Support services are versatile and adjusted to beneficiaries’ individual needs

Social Housing in Supportive Environment is not just a form of housing support – it is an instrument for achieving beneficiaries’ social inclusion and a way of their stepping out of the vicious circle of poverty. The influence of the programme on improvement of the beneficiaries’quality of life, poverty reduction and and degree of social exclusion of the beneficiaries is  has been confirmed by the research carried out by Housing Center with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Centers for Social Work in 2009, in 21 municipality.

Until March 2018, a total of 1282 housing units have been constructed in 44 municipalities across Serbia and they now accommodate 3421 persons. An additional 417 units are in the phase of construction or preparation for construction and are financed with funds from the Regional Housing Program (RHP) and IPA 2013 to improve the infrastructure of Roma settlements.

As the SHSE project does not only provide housing support, but other services  as well, all of which aim at social inclusion of the beneficiaries, the project has proven itself as a successful integration model for socially vulnerable part of Roma population. Out of the total of 44 municipalities, in 16 municipalities there are 521 representatives of Roma national minority, i.e. 129 families, which constitute 32,69% beneficiaries, while   and15.31% of total number of SHSE beneficiaries in Serbia.

Social Housing in Supportive Environment project is one of  the finalists of the world contest for innovative solutions in the field of housing for 2009 and 2014 (World Habitat Awards). (

In 2009 Housing Center together with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and centers for social work in 42 municipalities carried out RESEARCH ON DEVELOPMENT OF THE SERVICE OF SOCIAL HOUSING IN SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT, its results and effects on livelihood enhancement, poverty reduction and social inclusion degree.

Table view of the implemented SHSE projects from January 2003 until February 2018.  pdfikonica 

Housing Center proudly presents publication on Social Housing in Protective Environments that applied with on the World Habitat Award 2014/2015 Contest 

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